What we do

Genius of Crowds sets up internal corporate prediction markets to help with strategic decision making and forecasting.

Work with your customer to pick a KPI (such as revenue or profitability) and a date a few weeks or months in the future that you would like to predict it.

If they have a strategic decision they need to make as well, work with them to turn it into an A/B decision. Ask us to set up a market or a market pair, and when the market closes (all the bids are in) we'll give you some very beautiful graphics you can put in a report for them that shows what their employees say. When the market resolves we'll calculate the numbers to say how much money each employee is entitled to.

That's what we do for your clients. But we also have a panel of experts (that means you!) because some companies want to run a prediction market that includes external experts. Sometimes it is because the company is too small (with only a few employees, the market might have biases); sometimes it is simply to get some different eyes on the problem.

How prediction markets help your customers

You can help your customers lift their employee engagement significantly by addressing some of the common issues that lead to disengagement.

You can help your customers make highly accurate forecasts of revenue and profitability (or any other KPI) many months into the future. Years of evidence show that this is the most accurate method, far better than asking an expert or even using the most advanced machine learning or AI. (There is genius in crowds!)

You can help your customers make better strategic decisions, making use of all the information in the organisation. You can create clear and open communication channels that operate through all levels of their organisation! If your customer isn't sure whether to do A or B, ask us to set up a pair of markets for each possibility. When the market closes, we'll give you a beautiful report showing which of the two options their staff thinks is the better one (and why - we have some pretty clever artificial intelligence for analysing comments).

A profitable tool in your tool box

There are three ways for you to make money with Genius of Crowds.

  1. We pay a very generous trailing commission for customers that you introduce us to.
  2. You can charge your customers for the unique insights and reports that you will be able to build from the data we give you. Since this is quantitative summary information that is otherwise nearly impossible to acquire at scale, you can charge a premium for this.
  3. If you are on the panel and your skill set is a match for what the client needs, we will send you tokens to use for predictions. There is no down-side to using these: if your prediction is wrong, you lose nothing. If your prediction is right, you stand to make windfall gains from, as well as substantial bragging rights about how insightful you are.

Let's do it

We could give you some terribly impersonal form. But you probably have questions, and maybe you need something specific.

So here's an email address of a mailbox that's monitored by real human beings, including your future account managers. Send us an email, introduce yourself and tell us how we can help you. Do you want to be on the panel, or do you have clients who need to make some better strategic decisions? Do you need a demo, or some sales collateral to give to your client? We're here to make your management consultancy superpowered with prediction markets.

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