Employee Engagement

Make it obvious that your employees' experience and knowledge are getting used in decision-making. Make sure that your best and wisest staff get financially rewarded so that they they want to stay and contribute.

You want to run internal corporate prediction markets where your staff get paid proportionately to how well they can predict corporate outcomes. We'll create reports for you on which of your staff are superforecasters, and create reports that make all your decision making transparent and trustworthy. Get in touch so that we can set up some markets for you and get started.

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Making Better Strategic Decisions

You can't make good decisions if you don't have the best information at your fingertips, and the best information is often spread out across many staff in your organisation.

If you aren't sure whether to do A or B, let Genius of Crowds set up two markets for each possibility. When the market closes, we'll give you a beautiful report showing which of the two options your staff thinks is the better one (and why).

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Better Revenue Forecasts

Are your sales forecasts always way off-base? What would you do if you could budget with confidence knowing that your sales forecasts carry all the information across your whole organisation?

Let us set up a market for whatever KPI you want to know in advance. If you want to tie in an strategic decision, we can do that too.

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How it Works

We assign a Concierge Genie to you to manage the process from beginning to end. We help you identify the KPI you want to know, and any strategic decision you want to make to improve that KPI.

Then we set up markets for you, and your staff can sign in to make their predictions.

If you want to, we can add people from our panel of experts to your market. Unlike most panels, our experts are not those who have the fanciest resumes or most prestigious backgrounds (although some do), but those who have proven in the past to be the most accurate making predictions in your industry.

When the market closes (at a time of your choice), we generate reports for you to show what it implies: which is the better strategic decision, what your revenue will be (or other KPI), and so on.

When the market resolves (for example, if the market was about the Q1 sales figures, then this is when the accounts are closed for Q1 and you know the sales numbers), this is when we generate reports on how much money each staff member earned in the market. The closer they were to being right, the more money they get as a bonus!

After several markets have resolved, we can generate reports on who in your staff are regularly outperforming -- your top 1-2% of staff who are superforecasters. These are your next generation of advisors who have demonstrated perspecuity and predictive ability -- access to these kinds of people in your organisation is the superpower that lets you get far ahead of your competition. (If it's OK with you, we will invite them to join our panel of experts because of their proven track record.)

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Choose the best option for your organization


We will charge you 10% of the price of the prize pool for the market. If you're running something tiny where the prize pool is $50, we'll charge you $5. If you are running a serious competition where you want outstandingly good predictions and your prize pool is $50,000, we'll charge you $5,000. Choose this option if you are just starting out, and you want to experiment to see how powerful prediction markets are.


We will charge you USD50 per employee who participates in a market in that year, purchasing power parity adjusted for the country the employee is in. Your India-based employees are charged less, and your Swiss employees are charged more. Choose this option if you want to maximize the benefit of prediction markets in your organization.

Software license

You run a copy of our software, and charge your customers whatever you want, however you want. Choose this option if you are a consulting company and you want some software that you can use to enhance your offerings to your clients.